Thermomix in a Crisis

Thermomix: Your Best Friend in a Crisis

Thermomix in a CrisisFor all those Thermomix owners out there right now, I thought I would share this article here – Thermomix: Your Best Friend in a Crisis. I hold my hands up that I didn’t write this and don’t know who has (I did ask but haven’t had confirmation yet), but I thought it was important to share with you how Thermomix makes healthy home cooking, fast, easy and fun. It is the perfect solution for any household and invaluable as we plan to cope with the Coronavirus crisis and potentially long stretches of self-isolation.

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Thermomix: Your Best Friend in a Crisis


  • Anyone can cook a nutritious meal from scratch.

Yes, anyone just needs to follow our guided cooking instructions on the screen. This means that even if the main cook becomes poorly the family can still eat well and stay well with healthy mealtimes

  • You can cater effortlessly for your special occasions at home.

With Thermomix you can celebrate with restaurant-quality food effortlessly. Starter, main courses, dessert. Thousands of possibilities plus cocktails too! Entertaining at home reduces your contacts with the outside world and with Thermomix self-isolation celebrations can be memorable!

  • What we choose to eat is now even more important! With Thermomix healthy food is easy and effortless.

What we eat does make a difference to our wellbeing and ability to fend off illness. Fresh vegetables and fruits are key to boosting our immune system and with our Cookidoo recipe platform, there is plenty of inspiration for how to include and create healthier meals and treats.

  • We can make our own kitchen basics.

With the possibility of food stores limiting some basics we can be reassured that with Thermomix we can make many basics ourselves. From yoghurts, bread, stock paste, sauces and so much more!

  • Store cupboard mealtimes with Thermomix.

Should food shopping not always be possible we can rely on Thermomix to help create delicious meals from store cupboard ingredients. The search function on Cookidoo enables you to type in the main ingredients to hand and then it lists the possibilities.

  • Enjoy your own takeaways or ‘fakeaways’ with Thermomix.

Perhaps you are unsure of the safety now about getting those takeaways in for the family? With Thermomix pizza nights, Indian feasts and Chinese are all easy and healthier!

  • A chance for the whole family to enjoy cooking.

With many of us spending more time at home there will be more time to enjoy cooking as a pastime. Inspire the children and encourage and teach healthier eating. With Thermomix cooking is fun with perfect results every time!

Thank goodness for Thermomix!  The smartest kitchen appliance that will quickly become your best friend in the kitchen and especially in these uncertain times. Available with a bespoke, personal service to help you use your Thermomix to its full potential.

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