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How to purchase a Thermomix®?

2024 offers

Fall in love with Bread this month

One Cookidoo recipe is started every 3 seconds, and the dough mode is our most used function. So to lean into customer demand, our offer this month is all about falling in love with bread.

Valid between 2 pm Saturday 3rd February and midnight Thursday 29th February 2024.

❤️ TM6 + Bread Set + Silicone Love Heart Mould

The promotional price of the bundle is £1279. Full price of TM6 + Bread Set + Silicone Love Heart Mould is £1369 (£1279 + £80 + £10), providing a full saving of £90.

❤️TM6 + Sensor + Bread Set + Silicone Love Heart Mould

The promotional price of the bundle is £1368. Full price of TM6 + Thermomix® Sensor + Bread Set is £1488 (£1279 + £129 + £80), providing a full saving of £120. This also unlocks 0% finance over 12 months.

❤️Free Silicone Love Heart Mould is available from 3rd February to 13th February and is available whilst stocks last.

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Thermomix UK Price

Beat the price increase with our 5-year peace of mind warranty

The price of the Thermomix TM6 increased on Tuesday 2nd January 2024. We are not immune to the significant cost increases of recent years. We have absorbed these for some time. However, as our manufacturer (Vorwerk) continues to incur rising costs to production and thus an increased cost of goods, it was now appropriate to reflect this in our TM6 pricing.

We understand that a price increase might not be the news you were hoping for, especially now.  As always we want to make Thermomix more affordable. We continue to have flexible payment options including spread and divided payments, plus the opportunity to earn a Thermomix with your time, not your wallet.  It’s worth every single penny.

Making Thermomix more affordable

We continue with our affordability plan and this month, to counteract the price increase we are offering all our customers who purchase in January 2024, Thermomix head office offer is a 3-year extra warranty making it a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The real deal is always actually owning a Thermomix in the first place, but for those who like a deal, we have some good news.  We want to make Thermomix affordable and offer extra peace of mind for that investment you are making with us.

Thermomix normally comes with a 2-year warranty and you have the option to extend this for another 3 years, by paying an additional £149. For any purchases of Thermomix this month, you will receive our Extended Warranty for free.

The bundle consists of the following:

• Thermomix TM6 and all its accessories
• 3-year additional warranty
• 5 years of peace of mind

Why this is a good offer?

  1.  Thermomix warranty is usually 2 years for domestic households, this offer extended it for another 3 years meaning you have a 5-year manufacturer warranty until January 2029. The warranty period begins from the moment the appliance is delivered.
  2. The cost saving is £149, and equivalent to the cost of 2-year interest payments – so think of this offer as 0% finance for either 1-year (£98.84 saving) or 2-years (£194.36 saving). Even if you take the 3-year finance plan, the cost of the finance is £294.20 over 36 months, and now you are getting this at a 50% discount. You don’t have to wait for a 0% offer to purchase it, buy now and start saving with your Thermomix. 
  3. Customers who wait for ‘accessory’ bundles think of this as a bundle. What else can you buy with the £149 saved? Think a second bowl for £169, now only £20, or the Thermomix Serving Bowl, normally £55; you can buy 3!

How to buy?

We continue to offer our one payment, spread payments with Novuna Finance (12, 24, 36, and 48 months), or our earn and demonstrate program.

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